Map 1: Cases of COVID-19 diagnosed in Texas

Map 2: Cases of COVID-19 specifically in Bexar County (San Antonio)

Chart: COVID-19 planning report for Bexar County (San Antonio)

Data source: Texas Department of State Health Services

Credits: Hongjie Xie (Lab), Younghyun Koo

Updates: Daily

Note: The heatmap displays Texas population density for >65 yrs old

These interactive novel coronavirus infection maps are generated to serve the Texas community during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Several faculty and students from the AI Consortium at UTSA are actively contributing to this effort. The data are mainly collected from multiple sources WHOCDC, and Texas DSHS. The case # at county level is collected from the DSHS. The base maps are from ESRI and they are augmented with geospatial data from the OpenStreetMap. If you have any questions, please contact us at


How to use the maps:

Map 1: Texas

  • The total number of infections are represented as circles (bubbles).

  • The Texas data is directly pulled from DSHS and represents the # of active/remaining confirmed cases (updated daily at noon). 

  • The default color-coded heat map highlights the population density of demographics with age >65 (data source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2018 Vintage Population Estimates).

  • There are five small buttons in the top right of the map, clicking the one in the middle will show the legend, clicking the one next to it allows users to choose different layers (nursing facilities, active cases on a specific date, vulnerable demographics).

  • The plot in the bottom right shows the confirmed cases for the current date per county basis and the plot in the top right shows the progression of case numbers for Texas.

  • If you click any county in the bottom right, the county will be highlighted in the map and the case progression for the county will be shown in the top right plot.

Map 2: Bexar County / San Antonio, TX

  • The total number of infections are represented as circles (bubbles).

  • The total number of confirmed cases, the source, gender and age are shown in the graph at the top right.

  • The total number of deaths are shown in the graph on the bottom right.

  • The Bexar County data is from City of San Antonio (updated daily at 6:30 pm)