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This site is designed to help minimize the impact of the pandemic and accelerate a speedy recovery from the 2019-2020 COVID-19 outbreak. We are grateful for the many people who contributed their time and skills to quickly provide the resources for this site. UTSA's AI Consortium faculty, staff and students initiated the resources, developing them over the weekend of March 14-15th. This group includes more than a dozen biomedical engineering and electrical engineering students.


Thank you also to the public who are contributing to the rapid crowd-sourcing and vetting of real-time information to keep the San Antonio and broader Texas community informed. For all questions on the UTSA COVID-19 Alpha project, please send inquiries here.

Visualization, Maps, Coordination 

Henry Griffith
Dhireesha Kudithipudi
Byron Long
Tej Pandit
Amina Ann Qutub
Liana Ryan
Nu.AI Lab (link)
Qutub Lab (link)


Hongjie Xie
YoungHyun Koo

Background on COVID-19 

Mark Eppinger

Resources Material

Henry Jaime Benavides
Jenny Brethen
Eric Brey & Brey Lab
Exal Cisneros
Anurag Daram
Luis Flores
Eric Garg
Ana Sofia Gonzalez
Maria Gonzalez
Dhireesha Kudithipudi
Zach Maloney
Laura Martinez
Aaron Mendlovitz
Frida Montoya
Favour Obuseh
Tej Pandit
Yamuna Pillai
Erin Pollet
Amina Ann Qutub
Nancy C. Qutub
Alexandria Raybon
Liana Ryan
Marijose Sanchez
Aishwarya Sathish
Sanjana Sathish
Austin Schoppe
Raha Shanehbandi
Lisa Vigil

Android App Developer

Tej Pandit

Spanish Translation

Byron Long
Sergio Montelongo

NSCC Resources

Drew Morehead
Richard Rodriguez
Guy Walsh

Site Designer & Databases

Amina Ann Qutub
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