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Add a one-time update to the community resources, testing sites, institute statuses or activities pages.


Fill in the form on the page, and click submit.


Information that helps you and your friends & family get through the pandemic will help our neighbors.


To minimize the pandemic's impact & speed recovery. Updates by the public provide rapid info on available resources.


Can you Help a Little each Week?
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Quick Tip: To make this Recovery site an iPhone app, open the site in your phone web browser and click "Add to Home Screen"

Other Volunteer Opportunities & Tips 


Click Volunteer Opportunities on the Resources page to identify volunteer opportunities online or near you

Your skills, resources, location or knowledge can all make an impact volunteering.

  • Keep up with local information & resources? Help us update this site.

  • Good at math or programming? Volunteer to tutor children before schools reopen.

  • Got design skills? Contact us, or offer a local business help with a new website.

  • Know how to cook? Offer to make meals for your neighbors once a week. 

  • An artist? Add art resource links to this site or contact local hospitals to donate art ​

  • Good listener, or great at humor? Phone friends more often or volunteer as a mentor through programs like Big Brothers, Big Sisters.

  • Live near people in vulnerable demographics? Drop-off groceries to your neighbors or deliver food through a local food bank

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